ENSOr 2024 (V5)

Day 1, Thursday March 14th


Diffuse soil contamination in Flanders

Griet Van Gestel, OVAM, Policy Coordinator, Dorien Gorteman, Arcadis, Projectleader and Karen Van Geert, Arcadis, Project Manager


The development of a national monitoring system for diffuse contaminated soil and sediment in the Netherlands
Symke Haverkamp, Michiel Gadella, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and Arjen Wintersen, RIVM

11:10-11:30 Coffee break


Policy challenges related to diffuse pollution – case PFAS
Jussi Reinikainen, Finnish Environment Institute, Senior adviser


Antropogenic background levels of PFAS in soil and groundwater

Dorien Gorteman, Arcadis, Projectleader, Karen Van Geert, Arcadis, Project Manager and Sigrid Willems, Witteveen+Bos, team Manager


Understanding and mitigating cadmium uptake in cacao beans in Latin AmericaLucia Buvé, NICOLE Foundation, executive director


Monitoring the impact of heavy metal contamination on surface and groundwater in the Belgian Campine area
Joni Dehaspe, VITO, R&D engineer water

12:50-13:50 Lunch


Workshop 1 - Adressing diffuse contamination through areabased and circular approaches for excavated soil

Workshop 2 - How to engage and activate stakeholders? Awareness raising - storytelling - cocreation

Workshop 3 - The end isn't always near:  challenges associated with  diffuse soil contamination investigation and remediation

Workshop 4 - From point measurements to regional assessment: using spatial analysis to map diffuse pollution

Workshop 5 - Going beyond the tip of the iceberg? - exploring how non-target screening can support environmental monitoring of diffuse pollution

15:30-15:50 Coffee break
Pitches remediation techniques 

Immobilised PFAS vs. weather effects – resistant & durable enough?
Jürgen Bühl, Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH, sales director

Pilot and full-scale treatment of PFAS-contaminated ground water by means of different types of (innovative) adsorbents
Tiza Spit, Witteveen &Bos, Process engineer wastewater

Bio-flushing for in situ decontamination of saturated and unsaturated soil 
Cosimo Masini, DND Biotech, CEO
Presentation cannot be shared

Sustainable in situ solutions for PFAS source-plume systems using colloidal activated carbon
Kris Maerten, REGENESIS, Technical Manager Europe

The Evolution of Two Remediation Technologies: Combined In Situ Stabilization (ISS) and In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO)
Brant Smith, Evonik Active Oxygens LLC, Director of Technology Soil & Groundwater Remediation

Managing soil contamination in green areas using nature-based solutions
Dorien Gorteman, Arcadis, Projectleider,
Karen Van Geert, Arcadis, Projectmanager

Nature-based approaches for metal contaminated alluvial plains
Froukje Kuijk, OVAM, Project Coordinator LIFE Narmena

Day 2, Friday March 15th


Transformation products as emerging contaminants in soil and water – A case study on TFA and R471811
Eef De Clercq, VITO, researcher


Policy challenges related to the reuse of diffuse PFAS contaminated sediments
Mathijs van de Waardt, Janita Aanen, Michiel Gadella – Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management


PFAS in Soil and Groundwater –Progress and Comprehensive Challenges in Germany
Annegret Biegel-Engler, German Environment Agency, Head of Section 'Measures of Soil Protection'

11:00-11:20 Coffee break


From macro to micro - plastic pollution on agricultural fields in the Benelux
Caroline De Tender, Ghent University, Department of Biochemistry and microbiology, Prof.


Environmental monitoring of endocrine disrupting chemicals through the integration of bioassays and chemical analyses
Laetitia Six, OVAM, Policy Coordinator


Using soil data to map groundwater vulnerability for pesticides
Ingeborg Joris, VITO, researcher


Closing words

Conférence reconnue par Ie Département du Sol et des Déchets du SPW_ARNE dans Ie cadre des dispositions de l'article 30, §Jer, 6°de l'AGW du 6 décembre 2018 relatif à la gestion et l'assainissement des sols, à concurrence de 5 heures pour la journée du 14 mars / 2 heures pour la matinée du 15 mars.