ENSOr 2022 (V4)

Remediation, risk assessment and cost benefits when it comes to PFAS contamination. How much, where and how? Dealing with contaminants with ever changing risk assessments. Government and the public -how to work together?

PFAS remediation seen from a Norwegian perspective.
(Vanja Alling, Norwegian Environment Agency)

Stakeholder engagement for the first successful installation of an injectable in situ permeable reactive barrier to prevent the advection of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in Europe (Jack Shore, Regenesis UK)

Interactive discussion - part 1

How to manage and confront with the public perception in PFAS contaminated sites in Italy (Stefano Polesello, Water Research Institute (IRSA-CNR))

Developing a societal acceptable remedial action plan for an important PFAS hotspot in Flanders : challenges and lessons learned? (Dirk Nuyens, ERM)

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Interactive discussion - part 2